How to make Infuse Water

How to make Infuse Water

Trying to drink more water every day can seem at best boring and repetitive and at worst well, a little torturous and feels like what should I drink instead of water, But in today’s date, we have different type of solution that helps you to keep yourself hydrated for those who hate drinking water directly and one of the best ways to is Infuse water with fruits.

These are the best combinations of infused water:

  1. Watermelon + mint
  2. Blueberry + mango
  3. Cucumber + orange
  4. Raspberry + lime
  5. Grapefruit + rosemary
  6. Strawberry + lemon + basil

Some important tips before you get started:

  • Wash all your produce well before infusing, even if you’re going to peel them. Dirt from the skin can get dragged into the flesh when you cut it.
  • Cut up your fruit and veggies, since they will add more flavor more quickly that way.
  • Don’t keep infused waters unrefrigerated for more than an hour or two. Fruit, like any fresh food, will start to spoil quickly when left unrefrigerated
  • Refill your infused drink with additional water as you drink it to maintain good flavor.
  • Keep fruit in your infused waters for up to 24 hours. After that, strain out the fruit and keep the infused water refrigerated for up to two days.

For example, Cucumber and orange infuse water requires just cucumbers, orange and water. But to make it, you do need one extra thing: time! It takes 1 hour for the flavor to infuse into the water. Here’s what to do:

Slice ½ cucumber and orange into thin rounds.

Add 8 cups of cold water.

Refrigerate for 1 hour!

And after 1 and a half-hour, later cucumber and orange slices infuse water ready and it’s very easy to make all other combinations. Enjoy your infuser water with Dr.hydro water bottle because it makes it easy to fill in the water bottle and you can carry on whenever you want. 

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