Water bottle Question

How do I keep liquid cool in my Dr.hydro?
The 3.2” wide mouth is perfect for ice cubes, and cold water. You can also store your Dr.hydro in the fridge. However, we recommend against keeping it in your freezer.
Does a water bottle have a separate straw?
Yes. It has a separate removable straw. 
Can I add Ice cube and Fruits?
Yes, you can because it has a wide mouth opening.
How strong is the handle?
The silicone Handle grip is strong enough and perfectly fits in your palm to hold.  
Can you drink it using either hand? 
You can use either hand to drink from Dr.hydro but when it is full we recommend using both hands.

Can you close the lid with the straw attached?
Yes, you can close the lid with the straw attached.

Is Dr.hydro Dishwasher Safe?
No, unfortunately, our Gallon and Half Gallon Jug is not dishwasher safe but our 32oz water bottle is Dishwasher safe.

Sleeve Question

Does it really keep the water cold ?
Yes, it keeps the water cold for a couple of hours at room temperature.

Does the sleeve pocket be used for all new mobile phones?
Yes, it fits most mobile phones.

Can I adjust the length of the belt?
Yes, you can change as per your comfort.