Why Dr. Hydro is the Next Big Thing for Fitness

Why Dr. Hydro is the Next Big Thing for Fitness

Who are we?

The Dr. Hydro brand is a commitment to improving society's overall health and well-being through systematic solutions that are supported by scientific research. On average, Americans consume as little as 2-4 cups ( between 15-39 oz) of water daily and even less depending on an individual's socioeconomic status (CDC, 2016.) We're taking the initiative because this is counterproductive to the long-term health of our children and ourselves. Since our start, we have provided our effective products and constructive information to thousands so that they, too, can improve their daily habits.

Adequate water intake is essential from all perspectives of health because its benefits range from brain function to body temperature regulation. Because of this broad range of benefits, Dr. Hydro's commitment goals are: to be the preeminent leader in hydration education and provide fundamental solutions to sufficient, daily water intake. We firmly believe that with our lead, we can help lead the world to better, stronger health.

Dr. Hydro serves as the courier of pertinent hydration information. This allows our team to take creative direction within the industry and achieve exceptional targets. Dr. Hydro brand products are specifically engineered to promote an effortless strategy to developing positive habits.

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